Brand New Limited Edition of 50 !

I'm over-the-moon to launch a brand new LIMITED EDITION of 50 sets of of my first ARCANA MAJOR, also known as "Tarot del Boig" (pronounced "bwotch" - Catalan for "the Fool"). The 22 paintings were executed between 2009-2014 and are now in a private collection in Girona, Spain. The sale of these originals has allowed me to create a new limited edition of this work, whilst I venture into my next tarot adventure, which I will soon be able to unveil ...

Traditional postcard-size (10 x 15 cm) high-quality prints of the 22 cards

Included in the new LIMITED EDITION: 

- The 22 Major Arcana, traditional postcard-size (10 x 15 cm)

- Titles indicated in English, French and Catalan. 

- a golden presentation card (numbered and signed for collectors).

- a mystery surprise !

- Postage and packing included.
Delivery time : 10 - 20 working days
(depending upon where you are in the world)

All cards are printed on 350gsm premium paper with a silky finish, sustainably sourced, chlorine-free, with exceptional lightfastness. 
On a heavy black background, dazzling colors faithful to the original paintings ! (They are also available individually).

Choose either a sturdy metallic card presentation box, or an individual transparent protective sleeve for each card.

ALL OF THIS AND MORE available on the PRINTS & GIFTS page !

Watch out for exciting new Tarot products on the way, such as a personalized deck of my up-coming Tarot de Marseille, or the tentatively titled "Major Arcana Memory Game" ...

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