Wayward Horse



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Some Lyrics

The Hill  (©Ben J.Gross 2011)

When I get high I can be so low that I often consider the man
Who was punished by the gods to roll the rock up the hill again and again
And im none the wiser, just a little bit older, this much I understand
If I had made any plans I am quite convinced that nothing would have gone as I planned
In the middle of a wilderness with very bad shoes, no compass and no map
Ive forgotten my bottle of water and my staminas beginning to sap
Lions and tigers and bears , oh my, the wolves in the distance howl
There isnt a soul to bring assistance, now the weather is turning fowl
But I feel you with me in my feet, in my knees and in my heart
I carry you in my pocket, Ive carried you right from the start

Ref : And if weve got to get there, well get there in the end
Walk with me to the top of the hill and follow me back down again
Our feet are worn to tatters and our hands are torn to shreds
But we carry all the hope in the universe in our hearts and in our heads

We can take all our time we dont have to hurry, weve got all the time in the world
Once upon a time in a faraway land a little boy and a little girl
Got lost in a forest, fell in love, found a gingerbread house
Where they lived for a while till a terrible witch turn the little boy into a mouse
Then she locked the little girl in a very tall tower and cast her wicked spell
But the mouse learned to climb with all his strength and power as happens in fairytales
When all of this was done and dusted they made their way back home
The mouse became king and the little girl queen and the old witch perished alone


They say nothing gets done without crisis - ruptures always gonna be hard
Im in rapture when I reach the peak and the fog clears for the stars
The mist when it lifts leaves me naked alone sending shivers done my spine
And the mystery of human limitations push me to the finishing line
Its a lunar landscape up at the top - I cant even remember the town
After all this effort going up and up and up I cant imagine getting back down
All you virtue has made me lightheaded with vertigos dizzy height
I couldnt say it well but Im glad I said it, even if my throat is tight


Please show me the way to the Emerald City, Im gonna be needing some cure
I wont ask for your time or even your pity - its my own fault if I am poor
But all of your riches amount nothing if you put them to no good use
Sometimes when Im looking at you through the mirror I see a catalogue of abuse
The hill is steep, the vampires creep, keep steady on your heels
The tears we weep whether in joy or in sorrow remind us that were real
Down in the town the churchbells ring to the wraggle-taggle gypsys song
Up in the heights the cow-bells clong and we whistle as we struggle along