This is  a series of three unique wooden tarot boxes I have made to house a copy of "Major Arcana Revisited" (and eventually my newest deck which will be published next year).    The boxes were originally for containing chess pieces.  Each box features a sliding lid which has been adorned with an hand-painted arcana. The first three lids show characters based on Jean-Pierre Payen's 1709 Avignon deck.  The sides of each box display representations of each the pips, and the the back features the coloured sky-tears found in certain images.   The inside base is painted with a marbled prism effect.  A felt inner lining may be added as an option.

They have been sanded and primed, before having each motif hand-etched.  I used Pebeo ceramic and prism paints, and black, copper and gold porcelain relief outliners.  The paint has an extremely luminescent, glazed effect, with marbling effects on the borders.  The figures are highlighted with the relief work.   The boxes are not fragile and the painted surfaces are resistant and easily cleaned.

Each box took over 30 hours of work, not including drying time!

Box dimensions : 21 x 10,5 x 6 cm

The boxes each contain a small limited-run deck of my 2014 "Major Arcana Revisited", traditional card size, within a velvety green pouch.  The future as-yet-untitled deck will also be sent to you by mid-2019 (and will also fit in the box). I include two test cards for this deck...

The price includes postage (with insurance and tracking) and careful packaging, anywhere in the world.   The boxes are ready to go, and should arrive within 7-10 working days - with a special mystery bonus !