1. Crystal Night

From the recordings Postcards From Perpinyà and Angles & Demos

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cristal night, in a town where even the cats are scared
cristal night, we smell murder in the air
we hear our trains arriving, a-rumbling down the rails
We’re not living, just surviving, chasing our tails

our voices were as ephemera, motes of dust
their choices were born of hatred and mistrust
broken families, broken windows, shards of bone, shards of glass
how long is this cristal night going to last?

and we were there where the atmosphere chokes the air
and we were there in the camps where even the rats were scared
jewellers and accountants, poets and painters and more
We never expected neverending war

cristal night when the stars threw down their spears
cristal night and watered heaven with their tears
we tie our feet to the anchor and bind our hands to the mast
how long is this cristal night …….