From the recording Dark Light (2014 remaster)

© Ben J. Gross 2014



Hey Hey diddle diddle, I’m stringin’ up a fiddle
swimmin’ in the middle of the hullabaloo
I ain’t been misbehavin’, ranting or raving
Will you fly me to the moon in yr hot air balloon

It’s the snakes and it’s the ladders, it’s the vipers and the adders
It’s the throw of the dice it’s the lenghth of the…rope
It’s the slide we got to go down, greasy and low down
Are you up for a show down on the slippery slope

I’m standing on a platform, way before the day dawn,
But the concierge he wants to tie me down on the line
I ain’t got any ticket, I don’t believe he’ll like it
when I tell him where to stick it where the sun won’t shine

Yeah I’m running out of patience with foll’wing her to stations,
I’m low on my luck but I get high on my hope
If I had a coin to flip I pay somebody some tip
But I spent the coin you lent me on the slippery slope

I just can’t stop thinking, have to keep on drinking,
til not a thought remains upon me stumbling head
The bat’s are in the attic, the cat has gone static
The whole world and his wife tumble to bed

Mama what’s the matter, you look madder than a hatter
That’s alright mama anyway you do
I lump it or I lose it, but all I know of music
is you’ll never play Beethoven on a digeridoo

I’m going up the mountain, spend the evening counting
infinite stars through a small telescope
I hear the angels calling, see one or two of them falling
down from heaven on a slippery slope

Hey Hey diddle diddle, you can keep my fiddle
If you take me to the Vatican to see the Pope
He’s been digging my potatas, see you laters, escalators
Here’s the helter-skelter of the slippery slope