From the recording Dark Light (2014 remaster)

©2014 Ben J. Gross



Frosty winter morning, wind blows in my window, finds me yawning
Drag myself from slumber, as the traffic lights down the lane turn from red to amber

Baby Baby Baby, been on my best behaviour
I ain’t no crybaby, don’t see you as no saviour

Looking out my window, down along the street, it beats my heart with sorrow
I’m shady and I’m shallow, I sit in the window weeping like a willow

Don’t you get the feeling like everything that should be on the floor is on the ceiling
You tell me you can read my tarot, I can tell you I can tell when we got some double-dealing

Baby Baby Baby, fortune telling suits ya
You tell my past has been hazy, Now can you tell my future

Dust upon my shoulder, feeling the years go by and growing colder
How I shiver, how I shudder, I’m looking at the hill, I’m about to push the boulder

Baby Baby Baby, I ai’nt gonna push’n’shove yr
My love is not a maybe, yes is how I love you

With your beauty and your sadness, your death wish and your birth pains and your madness
Your radiance, your darkness, your half-light and your goodness and your badness

Baby Baby Baby, I put nobody above you
My love is not a maybe, yes is how I love you