From the recording Dark Light (2014 remaster)

©2014 Ben J. Gross



Alone at the end of the evening
Yr candle’s burnt out at both ends
What happenned to innocent dreaming
What happenned to yr faithful friends
What happenned to pleasant weather
Yr rainbow is only a sign
That God, you got to get it together
You got to speed on the sunshine

Yr roads cannot hold with these potholes
Yr towers are tumbling to dust
Yr mansions are milling with lost souls
Yr chariots ruined by rust
God yr at the end of yr tether
Already been there for a while
Oh God you got to get it together
For all is depraved and vile

Yr creations are mixed up and muddled
Their voices do babble confused
Only so many things you can juggle
And many more things you can lose
Yr only as light as a feather
Soon you will give up yr ghost
Oh God you got to get it together
Either that, or abandon yr post

Did you dig out that pit with yr shovel
Did you carve out that cross with yr knife
Did you sign a pact with the devil
Trade order for eternal life
Did yr children forget their father
All of the women and men
Oh God you got to get it together
Get it together again ….