From the recording Dark Light (2014 remaster)

©2014 Ben J. Gross



Never lie down my wayward horse
Nothing will constrain her
Ye cannae lay down my wayward horse
Nothing can restrain her
Riding away thru the bracken and gorse
Riding away with a stranger

Riding away thru the heather and the hay
Our shadows keep close behind us

Hurry on hurry on wayward horse
Hurry to the intersection
A galloping upon my wayward horse
In no particular direction

Hurry hurry on, don’t tarry too long
The hunter’s close behind us

Giddy up giddy up with all your force
Could we gallop any faster ?
Neither saddle nor stirrup on a wayward horse
Hoofbeats ever after

It’s a terrible trot, whether we like it or not
To untether the ties that bind us
Never never hide, forever we ride
To the sunset if it blind us

I am only an errant knight
In quest of long forgotten
Pony pony burning bright
In the fields of cotton

Where we’re going now o wayward horse
Nobody is going to find us
And when we get there, wayward horse
We’ll put the future far behind us